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Empowering children and showing social involvement in the communities. With and in the: Ideenreich!

Since 1996, Agapedia has operated the Children‘s Center for children aged 6 through 12 in Esslingen, providing open welfare work. The center fosters the children‘s social behavior, creativity, and personality. We impart important values and prevent isolation, disorientation as well as juvenile delinquency. Its alternative form of non-formal education that focuses on creativity and design has turned the Agapedia Children‘s Center into an esteemed partner of the surrounding schools and the city of Esslingen.

Our mission:

In 2013, the state government of Baden-Wurttemberg passed the Zukunftsplan Jugend (Future Plan for Youth), which gave institutions of non-formal education a new political weight. Formal educational institutions, such as schools and universities, are important places for learning. But these formal institutions are increasingly pressed for time. There is little room left for developing soft skills and imparting important values and moral concepts.

In addition to important public offers of full-time child care, open social work with children and teenagers is gaining in importance. After all, these are places where children and teenagers can test their limits, develop their skills, and discover their personal strengths and passions.

You want to get involved and support us with donations in kind, your time, or monetary donations?

We will gladly answer all of your questions about the current state of our construction plans. The Esslingen planning department has given us the building permission – We are ready to go. Thank you for your support!