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We had a great program for children during fall break!

Thirty children came together for a week for a program revolving around ‘Circus, Circus and Upcycling Art’. Naturally, our three volunteers Samira, Tamás, and Yana and other great volunteers were on board as well. We spent the day together playing, running around and laughing, eating delicious food, and trying new things.

Our workshops offered a wide range of activities for the children: They were able to dance or make music together, try different sports and get to know a variety of circus activities like juggling, riding the unicycle, ball walking, and practicing tricks with the diabolo. There were crafting stations, too. The children made bags out of old linen sheets and then embroidered them, and painted old bedsheets and decorated them with pretty clothespins to make memo boards.

At the end of the week, the children performed their own puppet show and an extravagant circus performance – a great ending to a great week!