Photo from left:
OA Dr. Hans Eitel (Head of Neuropediatrics), Mariam Gogolauri (Agapedia Georgia), Lina Drews (Trainee Pediatric Nurse), Gesine Hartmann (Head of Agapedia Children’s Centre), Tina Döffinger (Artist Agapedia), Michael Hedtrich (Commercial Director of Esslingen Clinic)


Agapedia Children’s Centre donates 60 protective face masks to Children’s Hospital Esslingen

The doors of the Agapedia Children’s Centre in Esslingen are currently closed like all other children’s and youth welfare institutions because of the Corona crisis, That’s why the staff of the Agapedia Children’s Center have come up with something useful: Instead of offering the children of Esslingen in the afternoons games, handicrafts, fun or circus, the employees produced60 protective face masks and for the children’s station of the Esslingen hospital
They received special support from their European volunteer Mariam Gogolauri from Georgia, who worked in the children’s centre for a year and is a trained tailoress. Together with Tina Döffinger and Gesine Hartmann, they worked on the sewing machines for over a week. The masks are made of double-layered cotton and can be washed and reused at 60 degrees. In addition, a separate filter can be inserted if required.
Today, the 60 protective face masks were handed over to the hospital staff, who were very pleased about the such needed donation! Since the Agapedia Children’s Centre itself depends on income and donations, interested parties can receive fabric masks for a donation of 13 €/piece (info: 0711-75876800 or 0163-3474446 /