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Jürgen Klinsmann, together with his former youth coach Werner Gass from SC Geislingen, had the idea to get involved with children in the heart of Geislingen. In several meetings in 2017 and 2018, they mobilized a consultation process together with the city administration in Geislingen and OB Frank Dehmer, as well as the schools, clubs and providers of child and youth welfare to determine the best use of the premises of over 500 square meters for the children of Geislingen. Five working groups identified the need for a children’s center for children between the ages of 6-12 with a community focus. The children’s center was financially supported by SWR Herzenssache for three years and is therefore called “Agapedia K19 – Herzenssache Kinderzentrum”.

“The way children see the world shapes the way they face it as adults.”

The Children’s Center K19 is a place where everyone is welcome, feels comfortable and can experience themselves as belonging. Tolerance towards all and protection for all form the basis and provide space to shape and implement individual interests. At K19, children of all backgrounds and religions are welcome. At K19, children have the opportunity to spend their free time in a meaningful way, to make friends and to experience support. Our offer is complemented by project weeks, excursions and much more. Voluntariness is a core principle of our work, so that every child can participate in the offers of K19 according to their interests and wishes. Since the opening in December 2019, 120 children visit the children’s center every week to spend their free time in a meaningful way in the afternoons. In addition, the K19 is a meeting place for clubs and non-profit organizations that use the premises for their activities.

Local Contact


Sonja Maurer

Karlstraße 19,
73312 Geislingen an der Steige

Local donations account

Kreissparkasse Göppingen
IBAN: DE23 6105 0000 0049 0967 14

From left: Christin Florea (social pedagogue), Sonja Mauer (head of the Children’s Center Geislingen), Mike Schlotterer (BufDi), Aleyna Fil (volunteer from Turkey), Sandra König (social pedagogue), Rahel Rompf (social pedagogue)