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When we founded Agapedia in 1995, it was important for JĂŒrgen Klinsmann to not only help children abroad but to also support children where he grew up himself. Esslingen on the Neckar river was the perfect starting location. According to the town’s youth welfare program, around 1,500 children live in the town center, many of whom spend their spare time on the streets.

Establishing a children’s center for ages six to twelve was our idea of creating a small, positive world in which children feel at home. It is a space for children to realize their potentials, practice social behavior as well as intercultural learning. They also learn how to cope with their own weaknesses.


Families in Germany are facing increasing pressure. Low wages, integration issues, the welfare net is unraveling. Child poverty (often invisible) is increasing. Around 2.04 million children, i.e., 15.1% of children under 15, receive welfare benefits.


Since 1996, Agapedia has worked for children aged 6 to 12 in downtown Esslingen. The project was expanded in 2011 with the inauguration of the new Children’s Center.

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Children’s Center Geislingen

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Children’s Center Esslingen

Current Program of the Children’s Center Children’s Center EsslingenEvery day, up to 60 children between the ages of six and…

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Stefan Barth

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