Manufacturers of humanity

We consider ourselves manufacturers of humanity. As such, we see every child, every person as a unique individual. With utmost care and relentlessness, we continually try to turn around the most challenging fates and hopeless situations. We want to find the path into a better future and walk on it together. Our ambitions over the last 20 years have created a network of foundations between Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova. Our exceptional staff is passionate about changing people's lives, developing sustainable projects and actively contributing to transforming society.Our vision and work are best represented by our individual projects. We will therefore introduce you to some of "our" children and their stories, because it is the children, women and families who are fully supported by our hard-working staff. Our employees make the difference. Their commitment has helped us turn around the fates of thousands of children.

The foundation's administrative costs are borne by Agapedia's founding members and the returns of Jürgen Klinsmann's endowment fund so your donation reaches those in need.