Agapedia Zentrum Brasov

In our center in Brasov, needy and vulnerable children from nearby schools come in the afternoon. The children come from vulnerable families, are mostly neglected and do poorly in school. In order for them to graduate from school, they receive help with homework and tutoring in various subjects. After learning time, there are games in the garden or handicraft and work activities and, in summer, excursions into the countryside. In this way, the children learn about confidence and social skills and are able to improve their academic performance. This gives them a real chance of finding a job or apprenticeship after school. Translated with (free version)

The problems vulnerable families face on a daily basis are mainly: lack of stable income, lack of food, medicine and clothing, and dropping out of school. Some of these families even have no usable housing. We offer the children experimental workshops as a support in understanding different subjects (physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc.) and creative workshops such as cooking, sewing, political education as well as rights and duties, recycling, ornaments, hygiene and nutrition. We support parents with various seminars on the following topics: Importance of parenthood, health education and family planning, self-management, the importance of education for children, family relationships and advice for integration into the labor market. Translated with (free version)