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Upon hearing about our work in Romania, a Bulgarian physician told us about the dire situation in public orphanages in Bulgaria, where children no longer live but rather eke out a pitiful existence. So we traveled to Sofia for the first time in 1999. After meeting with the responsible authorities, we realized that corruption would make our work here that much more difficult. But we did manage to create a Bulgarian branch of Agapedia foundation in 2001 after all. Our involvement started out in a public children’s home in Gorna Bania near Sofia. Over the last 17 years, we have been able to develop three projects in Sofia and one in Plovdiv in 2008.

A film by Till Beckert and Martin Herrmann

‘Agapedia – A Bulgarian Adventure’


Bulgaria is a unitary state that covers 111,002 km2 between Romania, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia. It has a population of 7.3 mio.

Average net wage: 435 €

1 liter of fuel: 1.23 €
1 kg meat: 5 €
1 kg tomatoes: 2 €


Bulgaria not only has to cope with the aftermath of socialism but has also been heavily influenced by Ottoman rule, which lasted nearly five centuries. The mindset is still that of a unitary state and the large federal children’s homes still remain, just like in socialist times.

Projects of Agapedia Bulgaria

Children’s Center Plovdiv

Children’s Center PlovdivIn 2008, we inaugurated the Agapedia Children’s Center Plovdiv, which is now a second home to abandoned children…

Children’s Center Sofia

Children’s Center Sofia The Children’s Center Sofia takes in and cares for children from public children’s homes or difficult family…

Foster Family Program

Foster Family ProgramThrough our foster family programme, we trained Bulgarian foster families and the foster parents were prepared to take…

Student Program

Student ProgramYoung people from the Agapedia Children’s Centre who complete school with particularly good grades and are admitted to university…

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Ivan Ivanov

From left to right: Milena Risova (social worker), Dorotea Marinova (caretaker), Demetra Dimitrova (social worker), Ivan Ivanov (managing director of Agapedia Bulgaria), Lilia Ivanova (head of residential group II), Russe Ganchev (psychologist and head of residential group I), Albena Asenova (administration),
Anna Hristeva & Ivan Hristev (managers Agapedia Plovdiv)