House for children and mothers Chisinau

During the day, the house cares for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 3 whose mothers would otherwise have left them because they do not have a job or a place to live. Many of the children are in a disheartening state when they get to us and we have to nurse them back to health. While the children slowly recover thanks to the loving care of our employees, the mothers have to get a high school diploma or get a job so they will be able to care for their children in the future. They are continuously supported by our social worker and a psychologist to strengthen the bond between mother and child.

In 2006, Agapedia refurbished and refurnished the Chisinau Children’s Hospital’s entire ward for undernourished children, which did not have warm water or sufficient heating. Needy mothers who brought the undernourished babies from their villages received powdered milk until the end of 2017, so they were able to care for their children after leaving the hospital. At the same time, mothers were able to use the services of our socio-medical center, which is located right next to the children’s hospital.