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Romania suffered one of the worst dictatorships in Southeast Europe until the 1989 revolution initiated social change. In 1995 the Agapedia Foundation Brasov was founded. As the first NGO in the country, Agapedia Romania started out with a project on domestic adoptions of abandoned infants and children aged 0 to 3. Agapedia Romania is one of only five accredited NGOs in Romania to carry out domestic adoptions in cooperation with the public authorities. But over the last 23 years Agapedia Romania has initiated many more socio-medical services.


Romania covers an area of 237,500 km2 between Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary and has a population of 19 mio.
Average net wage: 521 €
1 liter of fuel: 1.42 €
1 kg meat: 5.43 €
1 kg tomatoes: 1.30 €


Romania suffered one of the worst communist dictatorships. The Romanian Revolution of 1989 and the country’s accession to the EU in 2007 have not yet brought about the change people long for. Large parts of the population are worse off today than in socialist times. Children and elderly people are the most vulnerable group. Agapedia has been registered as a Romanian foundation in Brasov since 1995.

Projects of Agapedia Romania

Agapedia Zentrum Brasov

Agapedia Zentrum BrasovIn our center in Brasov, needy and vulnerable children from nearby schools come in the afternoon. The children…

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Liliana Gusu

From left: Roxana Kalo (mentor), Roxana Oprica (social pedagogue), Liliana Gusu (managing director and co-founder of Agapedia Romania), Izabella Hollinek (psychologist).